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The Hunt Agency is an invite-only curation of the area’s leading advertising and marketing freelancers. Our bar is high – you know, like your expectations.

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Are you in search of freelance marketing services for your next campaign? From digital advertising and social media to search engine optimization and copywriting – we’ve brought together an eclectic mix of local Minneapolis freelance marketing specialists that are guaranteed to exceed your requirements every time. Every specialist is thoroughly vetted and invited to our network if we feel their skills are extraordinary. Through extensive research and interviews, we select our freelancers by learning about their marketing niche, their unique personalities, and what makes them different from the competition. Explore our network to discover a large pool of freelance marketing specialists that have experience in 14 different markets – our database is compiled by freelancers for freelancers. We’re just like them, and we’re familiar with the market. It’s our goal to help you and help them.

Steve B.

Content Marketing Specialist | 15 Yrs. Experience 

Jerry T.

Email Marketing Specialist | 11 Yrs. Experience 

Jeffery A.

Campaign Manager | 9 Yrs. Experience

Jessica J.

Online Product Marketing | 6 Yrs. Experience


Naomi P.

Social Media Marketing | 6 Yrs. Experience


Karen P.

Social Media Marketing Director | 10 Yrs. Experience

Amy W.

Content Writer | 20 Yrs. Experience

Melissa V.

eCommerce Content Specialist | 10 Yrs. Experience

Shawn H.

Content Strategy | 15 Yrs. Experience

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Ask, and you shall receive…high-quality results. Our network of outstanding freelancers has our stamp of approval and will provide you with excellent results every time.


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