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The Hunt Agency is an invite-only curation of the area’s leading advertising and marketing freelancers. Our bar is high – you know, like your expectations.

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Are you searching for a social media expert who can help build your brand by achieving marketing goals through your social media channels? From boosting organic visibility and driving website traffic to managing paid advertisements and campaigns, The Hunt Agency has selected Minneapolis social media experts ready to help build your company’s online reputation through creative, convincing social media techniques. All candidates are extensively screened and selected with your company’s needs at the forefront. We choose our social media experts by conducting extensive interviews and reviewing past marketing successes. Each social media guru is selected based on their industry knowledge, outside-the-box thinking, and creative marketing skills. You’ll have access to a network of impressive social media experts that can craft material for various audiences – The Hunt Agency was created by freelancers for freelancers. That’s right; we’re just like them. By being familiar with the freelance world, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect social media aficionado that will gain your company the online traction you’ve been hoping for.

Robert M.

Social Media Editor | 10 Yrs. Experience

Danielle R.

Social Media Marketing | 8 Yrs. Experience 

Chad B.

Influencer Outreach | 8 Yrs. Experience 

Alvin J.

Social Media Strategy | 6 Yrs. Experience

Clarissa N.

Social Media Content Writer | 5 Yrs. Experience

Vihaan S.

Social Media Marketing | 8 Yrs. Experience 

Lindsay M.

Influencer Outreach | 11 Yrs. Experience

Peter H.

 Social Media Marketing Management | 9 Yrs. Experience

Liz G.

Social Media Optimizer | 10 Yrs. Experience

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