Have you been feeling like your in-house content creation is lackluster or not producing quality material? Don’t feel discouraged; there are many options available to outsource content creation and increase overall business productivity. Freelance work has continued to rise in popularity, and today’s freelancers have experience in varying industries, meaning many are versatile and equipped to take on projects of every kind. Businesses, both large and small, have benefitted from hiring freelancers for projects as this decision brings a valuable outside perspective and new creative mindset to your content creation process.

Be Clear About Company Guidelines

Before beginning work of any kind with a freelancer, you must be clear about each project’s scope and review company guidelines. Establishing transparency around these two topics will ensure everyone is on the same page and the project flow schedule stays on track. Creating a company style guide is an excellent way to communicate important information to your freelancers, from structure, grammar, and tone to visual preferences for an illustrator. Regardless of the type of freelancer you’re hiring, providing a company style guide will be a resource the individual can reference to ensure their materials are up to par with your expectations.

Successful freelance content creation is a direct result of being transparent and learning how your freelancer communicates best. Give your freelancers access to all resources you feel will be helpful in the creation process. These resources can consist of company contact information, internal employee contributions, website or blog access, and more. The freelancer you choose should have experience working with your industry or project style, as this allows your business to maintain authenticity. Your freelancer needs to be set up for success, so your company can continue producing credible content your customers enjoy.

Establish Regular Communication

Whether you’re working with one freelancer or have multiple on a project, establishing an effective communication process is vital. Communication is a significant component of any successful project, and freelancers won’t always be in-house. Here at The Hunt Agency, we’re available to provide guidance every step of the way and handle project management for you, so you don’t have to worry. We offer two solutions for clients that give you the ability to either do it all yourself or have our experts available to guide you. When working with freelancers on any project, it’s essential to identify what type of communication works best for them and how they work. Identifying these needs early on will help your team create an excellent finished product.

Share Essential Project Information

Along with company guidelines, sharing essential project information is a necessity for a positive freelance experience. It’s recommended to provide too much information rather than not enough, so you can be sure you receive the finished product you’re hoping for. Whether your freelancer is a product photographer or a content writer, creating a detailed project brief is hugely beneficial to your company and your new creative addition. Your project brief can include various information types based on what materials you think will set your freelancer up for success.

  • Client expectations
  • Target audience information
  • Buyer personas
  • Product or service descriptions
  • Brand voice
  • Project logistics (style, length, links, etc.)


Create an Outline

Aside from a project brief, many find it beneficial to provide freelancers with an outline of the work as this encourages transparency, familiarity, and strategy use. This is an excellent way to start a newly assigned freelancer off on the right foot as it gives the individual a solid idea of project expectations and leaves little room for guesswork. Project outlines will communicate to your freelancer where their work is incorporated, show the workflow process for existing and new clients, and allow them to see all the moving parts. For example, if you’re working with a commercial photographer, the project outline would likely include photo ideas, product or service information, timeframes, and more. When creating the outline for your project, you get to choose how detailed the included materials and resources are. Project outlines usually include:

  • Tasks
  • Deliverables
  • Client approval process
  • Associated timeframes
  • Ideas for resources and project
  • Assumptions and absolutes

Offer Thorough Feedback

Constructive criticism will not only help you build a relationship with your freelancer but will ensure all work is completed with your goals and expectations in mind. If you notice your freelancer falling short or not meeting every project requirement, it’s encouraged to provide feedback to address the issue in its infancy. Many freelancers work in creative professions, meaning they’re used to constructive criticism and view it as a growth opportunity. At the end of the day, constructive criticism keeps the client happy rather than losing them altogether.

Feedback can be provided at any time, whether after completing a project or reviewing a specific component. Regardless of the timing, you must be respectful and show appreciation of their work. Avoid being too personal, but don’t be too short. It’s also encouraged to be specific and provide thorough explanations of the what and why. This will allow your freelancer to evolve and become more familiar with your company and project style.

Optimize Your Content Creation With a Freelancer Today

As the freelancing profession has continued to evolve, freelancers have had the opportunity to establish multifaceted skillsets. While outsourcing your content creation may seem like a big step, freelancers can benefit companies exponentially. Rest assured, The Hunt Agency is here to pair you with the perfect freelancer for your project and provide guidance every step of the way. We’ll even handle project management so you have one less thing on your to-do list. Whether you’re new to working with freelancers or are getting started on a new project, The Hunt Agency will help you expand your content creation process with talented freelancers.